By   May 23, 2017

Is content marketing and content writing a passing trend, a cool method of doing SEO without the stigma? Or, is content and copywriting a service that has shown to be the bedrock of organisational success?

Content marketing is not the new type of SEO. It’s not a fast path to small business success online either. Content marketing and those who write it, the content author, consist of a long-term technique to dominate the search engines, engage website visitors and maintain devoted clients.

What exactly do Professional Copywriters and Content Writers do?

A content writer can write naturally on their field of proficiency, like a keynote speaker, just in a written format. The outcome is largely a function of personality.

The function of a professional copywriter is a little bit more varied. A digital copywriter with a talent in your niche helps because the content has context, a compelling tone and clear intent that is specifically written to convert the reader.

A Copywriter is a great option for many services, as Marketing Expert Sunita Biddu keeps in mind,

“It’s a good idea because not only do you save your time for doing other higher priority chores, the content is usually produced quicker and at a higher standard. It can also improve conversion since the pro copywriter would write focused and experiential content which connects with a user emotionally. People do not buy products. They buy emotions.”If the content connects with the reader, the job is done.

“A good content author”, says Alex Yong, a press reporter at Small Bix Trends, ““A Good content writer”, says Alex Yong, a reporter at Small Bix Trends, “has a solid amount of SEO knowledge. If you need to increase the visibility of a growing site, then it’s a good idea to hire content writers who understand Keyword research, citation sources, and image usage rights, is sensitive to Google Penguin and can incorporate a call to action in natural language.”

A great digital content writer knows how and where to position naturally happening keywords and citations without it looking out of place. They do not find it tough to optimise a copy for online search engines.

Hiring a good writer is a practical decision for small companies, and particularly for blogging, by giving you a fresh viewpoint on good topics, the writing itself as well as publishing.

A content author increase your reach

Content agencies and content writers are most likely to have industry contacts and sharing groups who will repost your content. That alone, the networking they can do on your behalf, is a great factor in and of itself a good reason to employ a content writer.

There must be a technique from the headline all the way through the content. The material needs to work while also be amusing. As Aakash Chopra says,

“Most of us are business people, not journalists, and individuals who write compelling content day in and day out can do that better than most of us can ever hope to.”

Compelling content is also the key to obtaining quality links back to your website. So it’s a bad idea not to be part of the content generation process. You need to offer precise facts and be part of the story you have turned over to your content author.

Hiring a content author that can amuse you and your readers with your own information are what makes terrific content that is reposted, reread and shared. Fantastic Content also produces conversions when web content is re-posted on trusted news, entertainment, reality and blog sites your site climbs in search rankings.

For every high-value link back to your original content, it will increase your sales and search rankings over time.

Increase website rankings and conversions with well written content

If you have fulfilling, entertaining or persuading content, the opportunities of a visitor staying on the page longer, bookmarking, linking to or sharing out your content, or picking up the phone to call you, all increases. All these things result in increased rankings and conversions and an impecible digital strategy.

As pointed out above, employing a content writer is great for your SEO. It puts more words on your site. The more words you have, the higher the chance you’ll be qualified to rank.

Most people can write, very few write well. Great material satisfies a requirement. It’s amusing, helpful, solves problems and it’s convincing.

Improve your social media engagement and reputation online

In addition to securing your reputation and search engine exposure, an ongoing stream of brand-new and intriguing content can assist you attract attention through social networks and assist create relationships with clients.

David Leonhardt runs THGM Writing Services. He has seen many times the embarrassing writing that comes from business owners aiming to write their own web text or from working with offshore content writers. David says, “It’s your reputation on the line; make sure your website is well-written.”

Your objectives will determine what is written. A professional writer will apply words to increase conversions, to resolve particular target market, whatever your needs are. One size does not fit all, and how your message is worded can make a huge distinction in its success.

If search engine presence is very important to your website, make certain the content writer you work with comprehends the principles of writing for online search engine, use of keywords, semantic search and, most notably, does not exaggerate the entire keyword thing (the text still needs to focus firstly on the reader).

If you are lucky, you’ll discover an author who understands how to promote your website material in places like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This is something that David provides for his client blogs since good quality promotion is as important as good quality writing.