By   November 4, 2019

The justice system doesn’t just revolve around sending criminals to prison with life sentences. It also entails the protection of corporations from lawsuits, ensuring a person gets the fair inheritance and defending intellectual property. These are only to name a few as there are so many types of law to be involved with.

As you go on the search to find which law career you want to be involved in, you will need to analyse the different types of law and determine which suits your skills and interests.

Let’s explore the different areas of law and the different types of lawyers.

Criminal lawyer

Many people get involved in criminal law due to the desire to specialise in criminal justice. This role prosecutes and defends those who have been charged with a particular crime. They also deal with bail, acumen of arraignment, plea agreements and everything that pertains to a criminal trial.

People often get the impression that criminal law is much like episodes of law and order, but it is a slow and brooding process, not to mention a very frustrating system. Criminal lawyers tend to spend more time on the leg work and paperwork than actually presenting in the courtroom.

Corporate lawyer

A corporate lawyer, or commercial lawyer, is critical to operating a corporation. You will find that corporations often have their own legal departments that give advice and guidance on day to day legal functions. These may include governance, compliance, drafting legal documents, preparing government reports, administering training workshops and negotiation.

Corporate lawyers need to have knowledge in specific fields like federal regulations, tax code, global treaties and state law. 

Tax lawyer

Taxes nowadays have become increasingly complicated. Taxes are sending everyone crazy. Having a legal professional who can concentrate solely on tax will prevent clients from getting into trouble with the tax authority. If there is a tax issue that needs to be fixed, a tax lawyer will give advice. They will need to have the skills on:

  • Negotiating with the government
  • Evaluating intricate tax matters
  • Maintaining the confidential records of clients
  • Keeping up to date with relevant tax issues
  • Finding the best plan to solve financial matters

Family lawyer

Being a family lawyer is one of the more depressing types of law to get involved in when it comes to the legal profession. You will be included in bitter divorces and witness child custody battles. You will see siblings at war over property or possessions.

You will need to have a lot of patience and be able to hold your temper and stay professional and sympathetic when it comes to the custody of children, even if you don’t agree with what is taking place. You need to draft documents like agreements and divorce papers, child custody and child support and divorce of marital property documents. 

Immigration lawyer

Immigration has transformed into a contentious public policy issue amid changing political trends and geopolitical tensions. Governments have concentrated more on immigration laws, regulations and practices that make relocating from South Korea to Australia, or from Pakistan to the United States more complex. You will need to take on deportation and employment issues, green cards, refugee status and visas. You will advise and guide the different clients of citizenship, asylum and naturalisation.