By   November 13, 2017

Before creating any leads as a mortgage broker, people must know of your existence. And before you’re in the mortgage business, you should consider yourself to be in the advertising business first. Obviously you must be familiar with the commercial real estate marketplace in order to offer superior service, but what is the point if nobody can gain from it.


The mindset many mortgage brokers seem to have is to think about marketing for mortgage brokers as an optional luxury or a job. All of the top brokers know that advertising plays a wonderful role in their success. They consider themselves as entrepreneurs first and suppliers second. Therefore advertising is as important, if not more, than the service itself.


For mortgage brokers just starting to build their business, there are plenty of approaches to get noticed online and offline. For those who are struggling to get their business rolling, here are 5 mortgage broker marketing ideas to get you started.

A Website Is Essential


All mortgage brokers, whether they care for their internet customers or not, need to have a mortgage broker website for credibility.


Your site is basically an internet business card. Even if you don’t get business through the site, the company you do get, most likely, checked online to confirm your professionalism, legitimacy and expertise.


Now, a website does not have to cost you a whole lot of money. You can use content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, or even free programs. With an hour of seeing YouTube web building tutorials, you will have your very own professional website design on the go very quickly.


Of course there are professional web designers out there who can consult with you to construct out a customised site to fit your requirements.

Social Media


This is just another aspect of internet marketing and many appear to be oblivious of its potential. Most agents do have accounts with social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, but don’t use it in its full potential for promotion purposes.


In regards to social media, be open, honest and direct. Socialise with your followers and be available to answer questions. A structured system of communication towards the buyers such as promotions or advertisements is OK in moderation but individuals desire personal interaction today more than ever.



Create blog articles on your own website or as guest posting on other industry made blogs. Whichever way you decide, create a platform for you to write continuous excellent content.

News from the industry or your personal daily experiences are both good examples of articles people like to read and discuss. Make certain to add valuable information and write the content in a manner that it’s relatable and feels just like a one on one conversation with the reader. This is terrific for any number of reasons.


  • Great content keeps people curious in you and your organization


  • Continuous “freshness” to your website in areas other than just your custom web design will boost your rank in search engines


  • The more quality your articles provide, the more your readers will enjoy your website, the more they will share on social networking and the more they will want to.

Share Your Videos


Videos are a wonderful way to gain the interest of potential new customers. It provides a more personal approach to deliver information and much more clarity.


These videos can be about the process involved to buy a commercial property or a house, or the benefits of picking a broker over a bank. Any information that would be of value to those in the market will do the job wonderfully. Distribute the video clip through social networking, websites, advertisements, or video sharing sites.

This creates new content which will send your website traffic to your social media accounts along with your social networking followers to your site.

Monthly Newsletter


With all this internet marketing information, it’s important to not forget about actual human interaction. Word of mouth advertising brings results but it isn’t that consistent. This kind of promotion is solely predicated on circumstance. Therefore you would hope that in the time someone wants to purchase a house, your business will come to mind.

To ensure that you stay their automatic “go-to” when needing a mortgage broker, consider sending a monthly newsletter. This is still a better choice than email since emails stay on the computer amongst the other everyday inbox messages; however snail mail stays in their letter boxes.


When employing these marketing ideas, make certain to stay realistic and focussed. You cannot do everything. At least not alone. It’s far better to perform particular marketing strategies well and experimentation to learn what works best for you. Focusing on a target market will get you the best results. In this business industry, success takes time and consistency.

I hope these 5 mortgage broker marketing ideas Can Help you to start generating qualified leads to your new company.